First Semiconductor plant of India

The Vedanta group and the Foxconn of Taiwan have come together to build the first semiconductor manufacturing unit in Dholera of Gujarat. The companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Gujarat Government. According to the agreement, they will invest Rs 1,54,000 crores in this project.


The semiconductor plant will be built in the Dholera Special Investment Region in Ahmedabad. It is a greenfield industrial city. The Dholera Special Investment Region Development Authority handles the land and the projects. The project was started by PM Modi when he was the CM of Gujarat.

Projects within Dholera Special Investment Region

  • Ultra Mega Solar Park: generating 4400 MW of electricity
  • An international airport
  • Freight transport railway line
  • Expressway to connect Ahmedabad. Dholera is 100 km from Ahmedabad


The MoU to build the semiconductor plant was signed in 2022. The project is being implemented under the Gujarat Semiconductor Policy 2022-27. The project aims to generate at least 2 lakh new employment opportunities.

What is a Semiconductor plant?

It manufactures ICs and semiconductor materials. The semiconductor materials are made usable for electronic applications through a process called Doping. For instance, to create an N-type semiconductor material, you need to add Phosphorous to Germanium. Such doping processes are done in semiconductor plants.

Significance of Semiconductor plants

Currently, India is importing most of the semiconductor materials from China. With the new plant, India will become self-reliant and can manufacture high-quality electronic products rather than depending on inexpensive low-quality Chinese goods!



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