External Affairs Ministry organized 6th Round Table of ASEAN-India Network of Think Tanks

The Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India has organized the 6th Round Table of ASEAN-India Network of Think Tanks (AINTT) in association with Thailand Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The theme of the two-day long symposium was ‘ASEAN-India: Strengthening Partnership in the Post COVID Era’.

What is AINTT?

  • ASEAN-India Network of Think Tanks was formed at the 7th ASEAN-India Summit, which was held in Thailand in 2009
  • The aim of AINTT is policymaking for India and the ASEAN countries for future co-operative actions.
  • The 1st Round Table on AINTT was held in 2012.

What is the significance of the 6th Round Table?

  • India raised some concerns over the UNSC’s approach during the pandemic outbreak, the conflict between USA and WHO after the COVID-19 outbreak, the future direction of global issues in post-pandemic conditions.
  • India asked for a cooperative solution to all issues and suggested the adoption of strategic autonomy to formulate its own interest without any influence.


The Association of Southeast Asian Nations is a regional intergovernmental organization, aimed at promoting intergovernmental cooperation to strengthen the economic, political, security, educational, and sociocultural integration among its members as well as other Asian countries.


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