'Epsilon': Japan’s new, cheaper rocket successfully launched

Japan’s Aerospace Exploration Agency or JAXA successfully launched a new rocket named Epsilon which is cheaper and more efficient than its previous rockets.

About Epsilon:
  • Japan’s three-stage rocket which uses solid-fuel propellant
  • Launched from a space centre on Japan’s southern main island of Kyushu
  • Main payload: SPRINT—A – First space telescope designed to observe other planets.
  • It is the first new rocket design for Japan since the H2A was introduced in 2001. The H2A remains Japan’s primary rocket but JAXA hopes the Epsilon will lead to improvements in the more costly H2A program.
  • It costs about 3.8 billion yen ($40 million), one-third the cost of the H2A.
  • Extensive use of computer technology enables it to be controlled on a single laptop.




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