Elephant Reserves in India [2024]

Elephant reserves are dedicated protected habitats for endangered Indian elephants, established to mitigate human-elephant conflict. The first elephant reserve was set up in 2002, known as the Singhbhum Elephant Reserve in Jharkhand.

As of 2024, India has 33 elephant reserves across 14 states, spanning about 65,000 sq km. Major reserves are in Karnataka, Kerala, Odisha, Assam, Meghalaya, Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh, Tamil Nadu.

Features of Elephant Reserves

  • Each Elephant reserve has core zone and buffer zone. Core zones strictly protect elephant habitats and movement corridors. Multiple buffer zones regulate development activities around core areas.
  • Elephant reserves safeguard local ecosystems that elephant impact significantly as keystone species and ecosystem engineers.
  • They aim to maintain habitat connectivity between protected areas and address fragmentation threats to migratory elephant populations.
  • Dedicated Elephant Protection Forces personnel are deployed for protection and conflict mitigation activities.

List of Elephant Reserves

S. No.Elephant   ReserveStateDate of NotificationTotal Area  (Sq.  Km)
1Rayala ERAndhra Pradesh09.12.2003766
2Kameng ERArunachal Pradesh19.06.20021892
3South Arunachal ERArunachal Pradesh29.02.20081957.5
4Sonitpur ERAssam06.03.20031420
5Dihing-Patkai ERAssam17.04.2003937
6Kaziranga – Karbi Anglong ERAssam17.04.20033270
7Dhansiri-Lungding ERAssam19.04.20032740
8Chirang-Ripu ERAssam07.03.20032600
10Lemru ERChhattisgarh2022450
11Singhbhum ERJharkhand26.09.20014530
12Mysore ERKarnataka25.11.20026724
13Dandeli ERKarnataka26.03.20152,321
14Wayanad ERKerala02.04.20021200
15Nilambur ERKerala02.04.20021419
16Anamudi ERKerala02.04.20023728
18Garo Hills ERMeghalaya31.10.20013,500
19Intanki ERNagaland28.02.2005202
20Singphan ERNagaland16.08.201823.57
21Mayurbhanj EROdisha29.09.20013214
22Mahanadi EROdisha20.07.20021038
23Sambalpur EROdisha27.03.2002427
24Nilgiri ERTamil Nadu19.09.20034663
25Coimbatore ERTamil Nadu19.09.2003566
26Anamalai ERTamil Nadu19.09.20031457
27Srivilliputtur ERTamil Nadu19.09.20031249
28Agsthyamalai ERTamil Nadu12.08.20221,197.48
29Uttar Pradesh ERUttar Pradesh09.09.2009744
30Terai ERUttar Pradesh20223049
31Shivalik ERUttarakhand28.10.20025405
32Mayurjharna ERWest Bengal24.10.2002414
33Eastern Dooars ERWest Bengal28.8.2002978


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