Egg Production in India

Egg production in India was around 73.89 billion in 2013-14, while poultry meat production was estimated at 2.68 MT. Poultry is one of the fastest growing segments of the agricultural sector in India.

In recent times, the poultry sector has seen consistent growth in India because

  • The rising incomes have changed the consumption pattern and consumption basket of the Indian masses which means they are now purchasing more protein based food.
  • There has been a steady rise in the prices of eggs that has helped poultry farmers tackle escalating feed costs.
  • There is an emergence of vertically integrated poultry producers that have reduced production and marketing costs.
  • Integrated production, market transition from live birds to chilled and frozen products, and policies that ensure supplies of competitively priced corn and soybeans are keys to future poultry industry growth in India.

Further, disease surveillance, monitoring and control will also decide the fate of this sector. However, still India’s poultry sector is largely unorganized, but it is a potent tool for subsidiary income generation for many landless/ marginal farmers and also provides nutritional security to the rural poor.

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