Education Minister inaugurated Lilavati Awards, 2020

On November 17, 2020, the Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokriyal ‘Nishank’ inaugurated the Lilavati Awards. The award is an initiative of All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

Highlights of Lilavati Award 2020

  • The Lilavati Award aims to recognise the efforts of AICTE affiliated institutions in treating women.
  • The Lilavati Awards are to be presented based on the theme of women empowerment.
  • There are seven categories that are included in the award. They are literacy, self-defence, women entrepreneurship, legal awareness, women health and sanitation and hygiene.
  • The main objective of the awards is to create awareness in the issues such as sanitation, hygiene, health and nutrition using traditional Indian values.
  • Also, the awards aim to increase awareness in technology, literacy, employment, innovation, credit, skill development, natural resources utilisation, marketing and women rights.


The award has been named after the 12th century book called “Lilavati”. The book was written by the mathematician Bhaskara II. Lilavati was the daughter of Indian Mathematician Bhaskara II. The prize was handed out for the first time at the International Congress of Mathematicians that was held in 2010.

Bhaskara II

Bhaskara II lived during 12th century. He was the leader is a cosmic observatory at Ujjain. His major works are Siddhantha-Siromani, meaning Crown of Treaties. This main work of the legend has been divided into four parts namely Lilavati, Grahaganita, Bijaganita and Goladhyaya. He is known for his discovery of principles of differential calculus.

Bhaskara I

Bhaskara I was the seventh century Indian mathematician and astronomer. Bhaskara I was the first person to write numbers in Hindu Decimal System. He also gave a unique rational approximation of the sine function.

In 1979, Indian Space Research Organization launched two satellites honouring the mathematician. In order to avoid confusion, the mathematicians are being called Bhaskara I and Bhaskara II.


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