E5 Series Shinkansen

The Japanese Embassy recently released the first glimpse of Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train project. The E5 Series Shinkansen trains are to be used to implement the Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Rail Project. The project is to be completed by 2023. E5 Series Shinkansen are high speed Japanese trains.

MAHSR project

It is a 508-kilometre project. It is executed by National High-Speed Rail Corporation Limited. The financial and technical assistance to the project is provided by the Japanese Government. The estimated cost of the project is Rs 1,08,000 crores.

E5 Series Shinkansen

  • It is a high-speed train operated by the East Japan Railway Company. The speed of the train is 320 km/hour. However, it is capable of achieving speed of 400 km/hr. The speed has been restricted for passenger and environment comfort.
  • It features electric active suspension. Active suspension is an automotive suspension that controls vertical movement of the vehicle wheels. It is a ten-car high speed Electric Multiple Unit. It is a part of the new Generation Japanese high-speed train called Hayabusa.
  • The other two important features of E5 Series Shinkansen are Body Titling System and features to reduce tunnel boom.
  • The E5 series were initiated under the Japan Railway East’s Research Programme. The main objective of the programme was to design high speed trains that can reach a speed of 360 km/hour.
  • E5 Series Shinkansen has in-built features to prevent Tunnel Boom.

Tunnel Boom

The E5 Series Shinkansen prevents “Tunnel Boom”. Tunnel boom are noises produced due to uneven air pressures as the train enters a tunnel at high speed. It has a full bogie cover that soft to reduce the aerodynamic sound. The train carries sound absorbing materials underneath to absorb the mechanical noises produced due to running of the train. It uses only one Pantograph device unlike the previous models. These devices help to reduce the noise levels further.

Body Tilting System

As a train goes into a curve, it produces Centrifugal force towards the outside of the curve. By tilting the train this force is balanced and the passenger discomfort is reduced. This is called Body Tilting system in a train.


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