DRDO develops a bio-suit for health professionals

The DRDO has developed a bio suit for health professionals who are working with COVID-19 patients. The production capacity for this suit is to be increased to 15,000 per day.

About the Suit

The suit was developed by DRDO with the help of industrial players for protection of medical, paramedical and other personnel working on the frontlines to fight the pandemic. It had been subjected to rigorous testing and shown to be effective. Eg: the suit showed protection against synthetic blood.

Seam Sealing

A recent issue is the scarcity of seam sealing tape for the suits. The DRDO overcame this problem by using a special sealant glue that was originally developed for submarine application. The suit, sealed using this glue, was tested at SITRA, Tamil Nadu. The current production capacity is around 7,000 suits per day. It is to be scaled up to 15,000/ day.


The DRDO or Defence Research and Development Organisation is the government agency entrusted with the R&D aspects of the military. It was established in 1958 and headquartered in Delhi. The parent agency of DRDO is the Union Ministry of Defence.

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