Draft Electricity (Rights of Consumers) (Amendment) Rules, 2021

The Ministry of Power recently issued a Draft Electricity (Rights of Consumers) Rules, 2021. These new rules allow net metering of roof top solar systems.

About the new Rules

  • The net metering of roof top has been allowed up to 500 KW in the new rules.
  • The following definitions were added:
    • Gross Metering means a mechanism where the total solar energy generated from a grid interactive rooftop solar system and the energy consumed are accounted separately.
    • Net metering is defined as the mechanism where solar energy is exported to the grid from grid interactive rooftop solar PV (Photo Voltaic) system.
    • The energy imported from the grid and the energy exported to the grid are valued at two different tariffs.

These amendments have been made to the Electricity (Rights of Consumers) Rules, 2020. Electricity is a concurrent subject.

Electricity (Right of Consumers) Rules, 2020

  • The rules mainly cover aspects of power supply to the consumers. It mainly includes metering arrangements, obligations of distribution licenses, release of new connections, grievance redressal, modifications of existing connections and compensation mechanisms.
  • No connection shall be provided without meters.
  • The meter used should be prepayment meter or smart prepayment meter.
  • The meters should have provisions for testing.
  • The consumer shall have the option to pay bills offline or online. Also, he shall be provided with advance payment of bills.
  • A prosumer will enjoy the same rights as that of a consumer. A prosumer is a person who produces and consumes power.
  • Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum should include prosumer and consumer representations.


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