Digital Sansad App

The Lok Sabha secretariat launched a new app titled “Digital Sansad” on January 27, 2022.

About Digital Sansad App

  • The digital sandad app was launched to make it easier for people to follow proceedings in Parliament and their lawmakers.
  • The app is available in both android and IOS platform.
  • It carries all the major content of interlinked portal of Indian Parliament.

Uses of the app

The app offers a 360-degree view of legislative activities and services for members. Apart from proceedings in the current House, app will help people in accessing archival data related to all Lok Sabhas. People would also be able to access speeches, debates, etc. The app contains information on budget speeches since 1947 as well as House discussions from 12th Lok Sabha to 17th Lok Sabha. It will also contain live telecast of Sansad proceedings. 2022 Budget session can also be watched live on this App.

How will this app help MPs?

  • The app will also help members of parliament to access services like checking personal updates viz., House bulletins, status of their notices, etc.
  • MPs are barred from using laptops inside the house. Thus, this app will become handy for MPs to get parliamentary information during any debate in the House.
  • In future, this app will help MPs to log in for attendance, give questions for the Question Hour as well as submit notices for debates or adjournment motions.

Why this app was launched?

Legislature is required to keep its constituents apprised of its routine proceedings. This objective needs Parliament to keep its communication channels up-to-date with evolving technological landscape. Thus, parliament started expanding its digital footprint. Launch of ’Digital Sansad App’ is an initiative in that direction.

Who provided idea for the app?

Digital Sansad App is the brainchild of Lok Sabha Speaker, Om Birla. With this app, he sought to make parliamentary proceedings more accessible to people.

App users

The app has seen more than 8000 users from India and countries like the US and Saudi Arabia, as of now.



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