Denmark approves Artificial Island off Copenhagen

Parliament of Denmark has approved plans for an artificial island which will house 35,000 people and help in protecting port of Copenhagen from rising sea levels.

Lynette Holm Island

This giant island would have an area of 1 sq mile and would be connected to mainland through ring road, tunnels and metro line. Plans include construction of a dam system across its perimeter. This dam will help in protecting the harbour from rising sea levels and storms.

Roadblocks in construction

Construction of island is facing opposition from environmentalists and it will have adverse effect on environment. Construction of island will lead to transportation of materials by road through large numbers of vehicles. About 350 lorry journeys will be required in a day through Copenhagen once the construction has started.  Thus, environmentalists are raising concerns over moment of sediments at sea and is impact on ecosystem and environment. Following this, a case against the development of Lynette Holm has been filed before European Court of Justice by environmental groups.


Copenhagen is the capital city as well as most populous city of Denmark. City is situated on eastern coast of island of Zealand. Another portion of city is located on Amager which is separated from Malmo in Sweden by strait of Oresund. Oresund Bridge connects both the cities by rail and road.


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