Daily Current Affairs Quiz: September 12, 2020

1. India signed ‘Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreement (ACSA)’ with which country?

[A] Japan
[B] France
[C] Germany
[D] Brazil

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2. ‘PNGRB’ and ‘CGD Authorisation’, that were seen in news recently, are associated with which Ministry?

[A] Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
[B] Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas
[C] Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
[D] Ministry of Power

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3. National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB) works under the aegis of which Ministry?

[A] Ministry of Education
[B] Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship
[C] Ministry of Science and Technology
[D] Ministry of Commerce and Industry

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4. What is the name of the new Redressal Platform launched by the Ministry of Shipping?

[A] SAROD- Ports
[B] SAROJ- Ports
[C] SHIMOGA- Ports
[D] SPEAK- Ports

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5. US- based Aerospace company Northrop Grumman has named its Spacecraft after which Indian-origin astronaut?

[A] Rakesh Sharma
[B] Kalpana Chawla
[C] Sunita Williams
[D] Laurel Clark

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