Yahoo appoints Marissa Maye as its New President and CEO

Marissa Mayer has been appointed as the new president and CEO of Yahoo – world’s 2nd largest search engine by query volume. Prior to her appointment, she served as the top executive at Google. Mayer will lead the product innovation in distressed internet company by introducing new perspective.

Mayer, a Stanford University graduate, in her over a decade long spell at Google she led a number of its businesses, and was accredited for simplifying the Google search interface, a significant selling point for the company. Mayer played significant role in several projects at Google including Google Search, Google News, Google Images and Gmail.

Yahoo has been facing stiff competition from Google and Facebook. The user base of the company has significantly reduced over the past few years. According to a 2009 data, Yahoo’s share in global internet business contracted to 6.42 % while its main competitor Google gained 85.35 % of the query volume on the internet.



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