World Obesity Day: 11 October

The World Obesity Day is observed globally every year on 11 October to promote practical solutions to end the global obesity crisis. It also aims to lead and drive global efforts to reduce, prevent and treat obesity. It is organised by World Obesity Federation, a non-profit body which is official relations with World Health Organisation (WHO) and is collaborating body on Lancet Commission on Obesity. The theme for this year is “It’s time to End Weight Stigma!”. Weight stigma is one of last socially accepted forms of discrimination and this year’s aim to change this and end obesity stigma once and for all.


The first World Obesity Day took place in 2015. The second took place in 2016 and focused on childhood obesity which was aligned with WHO Commission report on Ending Childhood Obesity. The theme of World Obesity Day 2017 was “treat obesity now and avoid the consequences later.” It had called for investment in treatment services to support people affected by obesity, early intervention to improve the success of treatment, and prevention to reduce the need for treatment.



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