Women Officers to get Permanent Commission in all 10 Branches of Indian Army

The Union Defence Ministry as announced that permanent commission will be granted for Women in all the 10 branches of Indian Army. The extension of Permanent Commission to Women will provide women with a career in the Army till their retirement. The Short Service Commission entails an opportunity to serve as a Commissioned Officer for 10/14 years. At the end of 10 yrs, 3 options will be provided, either elect for a Permanent Commission or opt out or have the option of 4 years extension.

Permanent Commission for Women

  • The Ministry of Defence has announced that necessary steps have been initiated to ensure women who were earlier inducted for short service commission (SSC) will now be granted PC in the Armed forces.
  • The Women Officers will now get a permanent commission in branches such as signals, engineers, army aviation, army air defence, electronics and mechanical engineers, army service corps, army ordnance corps and intelligence.
  • The Women Officers will be considered for grant of permanent commission based on suitability, merit and will be employed in various staff appointment.
  • The extension of permanent commission for women will enable them to serve for a longer duration across all 10 branches and they will be able to pursue permanent careers in all branches of Indian Army.

The Defence Ministry had earlier approved permanent commission for women in all branches of Air Force including fighter pilots.




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