What is Jordan Crisis?

Jordan is a unitary state that is ruled under a Constitutional Monarchy. Unitary state is a state that is governed as a single entity where the central government is ultimately supreme. In a Constitutional monarchy, a monarch (ruler or king) exercises authority in accordance to a written or unwritten constitution.

What is Jordan Crisis?

The former crown prince Hamzah was recently placed under de facto house arrest. He is the half-brother of the King Abdullah. Hamzah was accused of undermining national security. This was because he attended the meetings with tribal leaders that openly criticized the ruling monarch. According to Jordanian Government, there had been an attempt for a political coup to destabilize the country. The Government also says that foreign entities also attended the meeting.

What is the significance of stability in Jordan?

  • Jordan was created after the first world war. It has remained stable for decades in a part of the world that is prone to conflict and political uncertainty. According to the Gulf and Western countries, Jordan is a strategic partner that can be relied upon for further political objectives in the region. The support of Jordanian intelligence is highly important to fight against terrorism in the region. The conflicts in the region include Syrian crisis, Israel-Palestine conflict, etc. Jordan has served as a good host to the refugees from the war prone zones. Today refugees make up half of population of Jordan.
  • During 2003 US invasion of Iraq, Jordan had welcomed refugees from Iraq. It currently hosts 10 lakh refugees from Syria.
  • Jordan is highly important for the future peace deals between Israel and Palestine.

How did Jordan get amidst regional powers?

  • Initially Jordan maintained close relations with the US and also with the Sunni Muslim powers of UAE and Saudi Arabia. They together stand against the Shia of Iran.
  • In 1994, Jordan signed a peace deal with Israel and since then the two countries maintain diplomatic relations. However, the friction began after the Saudi-UAE’s blockade of Qatar in 2017. Saudi and UAE moved to punish Qatar for its ties with extremist groups. Jordan too downgraded its relations with Qatar. However, it maintained cordial terms with Qatar. It even accepted financial assistance from Qatar. This created tensions between Jordan and Saudi Arabia and its allies in the region.
  • Jordan also faced criticisms for maintaining strong ties with Turkey.
  • Jordan disagreed to back Syrian crisis along with UAE and Saudi Arabia. Later Jordan ended up in trouble after being exposed for munitions support for Libyan strongman Khalifa Haftar.
  • After UAE normalized its relations with Israel, the role of Jordan as the Interlocutor of the region has diminished. Interlocutor is a person who takes part in a dialogue or conversation.




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