What is “Herd Immunity” Strategy adopted by the UK Government to contain Corona Virus?

The United Kingdom Government under the PM Boris Johnson has adopted “Herd Immunity” strategy to contain Corona Virus. With India declaring COVID-19 as “notified disaster”, Italy, Spain and France locking down completely, UK is adopting herd immunity strategy. The United Kingdom recently gained wide criticism for adopting the strategy.


UK has adopted the strategy hoping that 60% of its population will develop immunity against it. The country has neither cancelled mass gatherings nor locking down public places to contain the virus. Rather, it is focusing on building immunity against the disease. In simple worlds, UK is trying to run a normal routine while fighting the disease.

What is Herd Immunity?

Herd immunity is achieved through vaccinations and also gaining immunity. When a considerably bigger population is vaccinated, those that are not vaccinated also gain immunity. Even in epidemics, over the period of time, when the majority of population gain immunity against the disease, the level of its transmitting reduces. This is the strategy being adopted as “Herd Immunity” in United Kingdom.




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