What is Havana syndrome?

Context in Current Affairs: The National Academy of Sciences has recently found that the microwave radiation is the major cause of the mysterious neurological illness called Havana syndrome. The Havana syndrome started to infect the American diplomats and intelligence officials located in China, Cuba and other countries for more than four years now. However, the state department has not publicly pointed to microwave weapons as the cause of the syndrome.

What are microwave weapons?

These weapons are direct energy weapons that produce highly focused energy in the form of laser or microwaves. The victims of these weapons report a buzzing sound or a clicking sound constantly coming from the inside of their head. These weapons have long-term and acute damages without any signs of physical damage.

What is Havana Syndrome?

In 2016, the US Diplomats and intelligence officials placed in Havana reported to hear strange sounds and physical sensations in their homes and hotel rooms. The strange physical sensations were accompanied with severe headache, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, hearing loss and sleep problems. Since then the condition came to be known as Havana syndrome.

So far more than two dozen American diplomats and their family members in China and Cuba have reported to have experienced such symptoms.

Key findings of the National Academy of Sciences report

The National Academy of Sciences report said that there are four possibilities that might have caused the symptoms. They are chemicals, infection, psychological factors and microwave energy. However, the report concluded that the most plausible mechanism that might have caused the syndrome is the directed pulse radiofrequency energy. By using the words directed and pulsed, the report concludes that the victims were targeted and were not affected from a common source of microwave energy.




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