What is Happiness Curriculum in Government Schools attended by Melania Trump?

On February 25, 2020, the first lady of the United States Melania Trump attended Happiness Classes at the Delhi Government Schools. She accompanied President Trump in their visit to India.


The Happiness Classes are one of the flagship programmes of the Delhi Government. The programme launched in 2018 had received commendations from different parts of the world. It focuses on arts-based, cognition, numeracy and literacy-based teachings. It is completely different from the traditional marks-oriented teachings.


The Happiness Curriculum aims to develop citizens who are awakened, aware, mindful, empathetic and above all firmly rooted to their identity. The programme also aims to mold children to cater the needs of today’s society.

Output of the Curriculum

The Curriculum develops self-awareness among the students. It inculcates inquiry skills and critical thinking. The programme also imbibes effective communication skills in students. It enables them to use their skills towards problem solving mode during conflicting situations. It also reduces depression, anxiety and intolerance among students.




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