Variations in structure of brain arteries cause Migraine

Researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania have discovered that variations in arterial anatomy of brain lead to the asymmetries in cerebral blood flow which in turn leads to ‘Migraine’. Previously, it was believed that the root cause of migraine was dilation of blood vessels in head.

What are the Causes of Migraine?
  • The structural alterations of the blood supply to brain can increase the vulnerability to alterations in the cerebral blood flow which leads to the abnormal neuronal activity starting migraine.
  • The arterial supply of blood to brain receives protection from series of the connections between major arteries called “Circle of Willis”. People suffering from migraine and the migraine with aura will mostly have missing circle of Willis.
  • People suffering from migraine have difference in the blood vessels structure. These differences attribute to changes in blood flow in brain. It is because of these changes that the migraine triggers.
What are the effects of Migraine?
  • The networks of arteries which supply the blood flow to brain are incomplete in people suffering from migraines.
  • Some people also feel dehydrated as a result of their severe headaches.
  • People suffering from migraines with aura have visual symptoms like seeing wavy lines, spots or distortions.