Uttar Pradesh: First State to start Pool Testing

On April 14, 2020, the ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) gave permission for the state of Uttar Pradesh to start pool testing of COVID-19. With this, UP has become the first state to start pool testing.


Pool testing is being done in the state to increase the number of testing. With the number of cases increased to 558, the state expects there could be more cases than the numbers provided. Hence pool testing has been adopted.

Out of the 558 cases, 307 have links with Tablighi Jamaat congregation.

Pool Testing

Under Pool Testing, if 10 samples of COVID-19 test negative, then it is an indicator that all the samples test negative. On the other hand, if the samples tested are not negative, individual testing will be done. Under pool testing, the samples will be mixed and tested.


The pool testing increases the testing capacity of a state. The method will accelerate the testing process.



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