US pledges $900 million to Pakistan

A defence bill that pledges $900 million as assistance has been passed by the US House of Representative. A substantial amount of it will depend on the certification by Pentagon that Pakistan has undertaken apparent steps against the dreadful Haqqani network.

The bill has an upper limit of the reimbursement amount of $1.1 billion, out of which $900 million is available for reimbursement to Pakistan. However, the bill specifies that certain reimbursements to Pakistan don’t qualify unless Department of Defence makes specific certification about Pakistan’s involvement with the Haqqani network. Approximately, $450 million from assistance is subject to the certification. The 2016 reimbursement amount of $300 million was not released as the US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter did not give desired certifications to Pakistan.

As per the Bill, both the nations have many shared economic and security interests which can serve as a foundation for a mutually beneficial relationship. The bill also mentions that it refocuses on security assistance to Pakistan only on activities that directly support national security interests of US.


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