House of Representatives passes War Powers Resolution to Restricts actions of US President against Iran

In United States (US) the Parliament is known as Congress, the US congress comprises of two houses similar to the Indian Parliamentary System, the Lower House of the US congress is called the ‘House of Representatives’ having similar functions to the Lok Sabha of India, whereas the Upper House of the US Congress is known as the ‘Senate’, similar to the Rajya Sabha in India.

On Thursday, 9th January 2020 the House of Representatives has passed a War Powers Resolution that will restrict the US President Donald Trump in taking an independent decision on any further military action against Iran and as per the resolution, the President must seek approval of the Congress before engaging in Military Action against Iran.  Donald Trump belongs to the Republican Party, at present the opposition party in the US, Democratic Party is having Majority in the House of Representatives with 232 seats out of the total 435, hence resolution was passed comfortably with 224 in favor, while 194 voted against it.

Note: The War Power Resolution is not binding on the US President.



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