US at war with Islamic State: White House

The White House has finally cleared all air which was not letting the dust settle down over President Obama’s policy about Islamic state brutal terrorism and massacres. The Secretary of State Mr. John Kerry had in his meetings with the media had avoided the terminology which he thought would engulf the common populations with a war fever. Kerry in his interview to one of the leading news channels had remarked that US will pursue and engage in a major counter-terrorism operation which is going to take longer than currently perceived widely.
Mr. Kerry is on a middle-east tour to gather support to counter ISIS and thereby building an anti-ISIS coalition. Last month has seen American warplanes and drones pounding the Islamic State territory which had also helped the Iraqi and Kurdish ground forces to regain strategic points in more than 160 operations.
According to the President’s latest strategy , US will expand its air-strikes in Iraq and also at the group’s stronghold in Syrian territory. Also, the Obama administration seeks to train the moderate rebels in Syria to be able to counter ISIS and rebuild the army in Iraq as many of its cadres had fled following the blitzkrieg by the ISIS in northern and western Iraq. The President had clarified that there won’t be any deployment of US ground troops in Iraq.
The word ‘war’ had triggered yet another debate over the much criticized and targeted Obama’s foreign policy especially after it came under fire when President said that he did not have a strategy to deal with ISIS even after the brutal beheading of two US journalists.
“The United States is at war with ISIL in the same way that we are at war with al-Qaida and its affiliates all around the globe,” said White House spokesman Josh Earnest.