Union Health Minister launches Compendium on ‘CSIR Technologies for COVID-19 Mitigation’

The Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Dr Harsh Vardhan, has launched the ‘Compendium of CSIR Technologies for COVID 19 Mitigation’ and applauded the warriors against the disease in the country.


The Union Health Minister has stated that the country is handling the COVID 19 situation effectively and also the recovery rate is improving in the country. The reduction in the mortality rate owing to COVID 19 is also decreasing in the country. The government data says that the overall recovery rate has crossed 64% in the country whereas the mortality rate is down to 2.2%.

Details of the COVID 19 Fight by India

The government has enabled 1300 laboratories in the country conduct COVID 19 tests across the country and also more than 13000-14000 dedicated COVID health centres have been set up in the country. The bed count to fight the pandemic has also increased to more than 14 lakhs in India. India is one of the five countries in the world having succeeded in isolating the novel coronavirus. The country has also developed more than 100 technologies and these have been transferred to various industries to benefit the people of the country.




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