Union Cabinet increases limit for foreign investment in Stock Exchanges from 5% to 15%

The Union Cabinet has given its approval for raising foreign shareholding limit from current 5% to 15% in Indian Stock Exchanges.
The decision brings the investment limit of foreign entities at par with that of domestic institutions.
This enhanced limit is for a stock exchange, depository, banking company, insurance company and commodity derivative exchange.
Additionally, the Union Cabinet also gave its approval for foreign portfolio investors to acquire shares through initial allotment, besides secondary market, in the stock exchanges.

  • Enhance global competitiveness of Indian stock exchanges.
  • Enable Indian stock exchanges to acquire and adopt latest technology and global best practices.
  • Pave way for better overall growth and development of the Indian capital market


  • The Union Cabinet approval is in pursuance of implementation of the 2016-17 Budget Announcement made by the Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.
  • Finance Minister had made this announcement with regard to reforms in FDI Policy in order to enhance investment limit for foreign entities in Indian stock exchanges from 5% to 15%.



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