Unified Development Control and Promotion Regulations

The Unified Development Control and Promotion Regulations (UDCPR) was unveiled by the Maharashtra government to strengthen real estate development in the state. This new set of rules governs the real estate development. These rules may bring uniformity in width of roads, size of rooms etc. This is to increase the stock of affordable housing projects and improve ease of doing business. It will help in the developers to improve their resource management.

Key Features of the Regulations

  • The regulations prohibit the construction in the areas between the blue flood line and river bank within 100 metres of high flood line of natural lakes. The Blue flood line marks once in twenty-five years of flood line. On the hand, the red flood line marks once in hundred years of flood line. Flood line is the maximum level to be reached by the flood waters.
  • The regulations state that 10% of any layout should be earmarked for recreational purposes.
  • The regulations also state that 5% of layout up to 10,000 square metres and 10% of layout above 10,000 square metres shall be reserved for amenities.
  • The construction of jogging, pathways and cycling tracks are allowed only at distance of 15 metres away from river banks.
  • The minimum road width along buildings that are more than 24 metres tall should be 12 metres. It should be 15 metres if the buildings are 50 metres tall.
  • High Floor Space Index (FSI) has been proposed for certain uses in congested and non-congested areas. FSI base of 1.10 for roads less than nine metres wide has been proposed and 1.20 for roads more than 30 metres wide has been proposed.

The regulations also apply to other provisions such as slum rehabilitation, heritage conservation, transfer of development rights, etc. The rules will help the highly congested Mumbai city and other upcoming metros in the state.




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