Indian Oil Corporation launches battery swapping facility for EVs

On June 26, 2020, the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) launched battery swapping facility for Electric Vehicles at its petrol pumps. The facility will replace discharged batteries with charged batteries in 2 minutes.


The IOC is to begin its battery swapping facility in one of its outlets in Chandigarh. The company is to gradually scale up to 20 stations.

The Battery swapping model is to target the commercial vehicles initially. This includes electric autos, rickshaws, two wheelers, etc.

IOC in the recent future is to set up three more charging stations in Chandigarh, Amritsar and Bengaluru. New Delhi and Gurugram are the other cities where IOC is planning to extend its project.

Quick Interchange Station

The IOC has named the battery swapping stations as QIS (Quick Interchange Stations). The QIS recently launched has 14 batteries, an electricity meter and a touch screen to swap preloaded cards.


Battery Swapping technology is the best alternative to slow charging.


In 2019, out of 35 lakh vehicles sold, only 4,000 were electric Vehicles. The time taken to charge batteries is one of the main reasons for the low sales of electric vehicles.


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