UN Treaty of banning Nuclear Weapons enters into force

The United Nations recently announced that around 50 countries have ratified the UN Treaty to ban Nuclear Weapons. This has triggered the treaty into force. The treaty was opposed by the United States and other nuclear powers

Opposition to the treaty

The major nuclear powers such as Russia, United States, Britain, France and China opposed the treaty. Also, the NATO allies of the United States also stood in unity to oppose the treaty. Netherlands was the only NATO country to vote in favour of the treaty.

Why is the treaty opposed?

According to the nuclear powers, this treaty turns back the clock on disarmament and verification. Also, it is dangerous to the old Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. They also claimed that the treaty will remain divisive international communities. This will entrench the existing disarmament and non-proliferation.

India’s stand

India abstained from voting for the treaty. According to India, it recognises the Geneva based Conference on Disarmament as the only powerful multilateral disarmament negotiation forum.


The Non-Proliferation Treaty and other nuclear weapon treaties signed and ratified so far consists of partial prohibitions. The Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons is the first multilateral binding instrument of nuclear disarmament.

The treaty strictly urges the countries to prohibit the use of nuclear weapons. It condemns the use of nuclear weapon as well.

Japan was the only country to suffer from nuclear attack and still boycott the conference. The Nuclear weapon states of the world such as India, China, Pakistan, North Korea, US, Russia, UK, France and Israel boycotted the conference.

Difference between Signing and Ratification of a treaty

When a country signs a treaty, it will deal with it under its own national procedures. Later, the Government of the respective country will notify that it consents to abide by the treaty. This is ratification.

In simple terms, when Parliament of the country approves, the treaty is said to be ratified by the country.




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