Tripoli Explosions: Death toll rises

Libyan capital of Tripoli has been rocked by multiple explosions in air raids as the two-week-old offensive led by the eastern forces took dangerous shape. Tripoli is under the control of a government which has international recognition.
The blasts which have been caused by the air strikes were described as very powerful by the locals. Locals stated that the airplanes were making rounds over the city for 10 minutes before they opened fire. The authorities are not able to verify the real source of the attack that whether it is a drone or an unmanned aircraft. Drone attacks have been reported by the residents in the past but there have been no confirmed reports. However, the recent explosions have been louder than the previous ones and hence have raised doubts.
Mustafa al-Mejii, the spokesman of the Government of National Accord told the media that their forces are consolidating their new positions after a day of military victory. Mejii stated that the blasts have been caused by the air-raids carried out by the helicopters of the Libyan National Army with the aim of spreading terror. There are no casualties reported in the attacks as most of them occurred away from the frontlines.
Sources from the army said that both the sides used aged Soviet and Russian fighter jets which are not equipped for carrying out the time strikes. Only the forces of Haftar have a helicopter which has the capabilities of night vision. Many missiles had hit a military camp which belongs to forces which are loyal to the Tripoli government in the Sabaa district.
It has been years since Libya has been split between the Government of National Accord which is based in Tripoli in the west and the forces loyal to General Haftar which is based in the eastern part of the country. It was on April 4 that the forces of Haftar had launched an offensive to get control over Tripoli but have met tough resistance from the GNA forces.

General Haftar stated that the recent military campaign has been launched to cleanse the western region of Libya from all the remaining terrorist groups. This has led to fears of a full-fledged civil war in the region which has been pushed in total chaos ever since the toppling of its long-term ruler Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. As per the estimates of WHO, nearly 30,000 people have been displaced due to the ongoing fighting in the country.



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