Top 10 India Current Affairs Questions – May, 2021

  1. Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI) is located in which state?

Answer: West Bengal

  1. When was the National Commission for Women was set up as statutory body in India?

Answer: 1992

  1. Which state has been permitted by the Civil Aviation Ministry to use drones for experimental delivery of vaccines?

Answer: Telangana

  1. What is the limit of FDI permitted in the Road and Highways Sector in India?

Answer: 100 %

  1. For the crop year 2021-22, what is the food grain production target fixed by the Government of India?

Answer: 307.31 million tonnes

  1. What is “MACS 1407”, which is seen in the news recently?

Answer: Soybean variety

  1. Indian Army has inaugurated the First Green Solar Energy harnessing plant in which state?

Answer: Sikkim

  1. What is “Dhruv Mk – III MR”?

Answer: Advanced Light Helicopter

  1. What is the new rate of IGST applicable to Import of Oxygen Concentrators for personal use?

Answer: 12%

  1. Article 164 of the Indian constitution deals with …….?

Answer: Provisions for Minister of state government



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