Cabinet approves PLI Scheme for Advanced Chemistry Cell (ACC) Battery Storage

The Union Cabinet recently approved the Production Linked Incentive scheme for Advanced Chemistry Cell Battery Storage. Around Rs 18,100 crores have been allocated to the scheme.

This has been done as a part of National Programme on Advanced Chemistry Cell Battery Storage.

About the scheme

  • The approved PLI scheme aims to achieve manufacturing capacity of 50 GW of Advanced Chemistry Cell (ACC) and five Giga Watt Hour of Niche ACC.
  • The scheme has been introduced to reduce the import dependence. Also, it aims to increase domestic production of battery storage.

What is ACC?

They are new generation storage devices that store energy in chemical or electrochemical form. They then convert it back to electric energy when required.

National Programme on Advance Chemistry Cell Battery Storage

It was proposed by the National Mission on Transformative Mobility and Battery Storage that was launched in 2019. Both were proposed by NITI Aayog. The main objective of the programme on ACC is to produce 50 Giga Watt hour of domestic ACC manufacturing.

Recent Developments in PLI Schemes

The following developments were those that occurred since November 2020 in the PLI Scheme:


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