The role of Indian Radio in the 21st Century

The radio is a communication device which is used to transmit voice messages over long distances. While initially developed for communication and military applications, the radio envolved into a viable source of entertainment and was a popular feature in homes around the globe until it was first supplemented and then altogether replaced by the television sets.

What is the viability of radio in today’s scenario?

  • While radio has been displaced by the TV as the primary means of home entertainment, it still remains popular among a select city crowd and in the villages.
  • Radios can be used to coordinate disaster relief and for providing voice help in adverse terrains and the government recognizes this potential of the radio.

Why is this in the news?

  • The 7th Community Radio Sammelan was inaugurated in New Delhi by the Secretary, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting on 27th August 2019.
  • The event was attended by the representatives of all operational radio stations in the country along with other senior dignitaries.
  • The Indian Government aims to set up at least one community radio station in each district of the country. However, the initial priority should be given to the aspirational districts of the country.

Why is it necessary?

  • The development of the Community Radio is a part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Community Radio will help spread the messages and programs of the Government and will improve the lives of people.
  • It can also be used to identify local constructive members of the society like the teachers and sportspersons who are from the community which will help to make the message given out more impactful and motivate others to emulate them.


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