The Hindu Economic Forum (HEF) launches its national chapter in Nepal

The Hindu Economic Forum (HEF) has launched its Nepal Chapter. On this occasion, the founder of World Hindu Economic Forum (WHEF) Swami Vigyananand said economic empowerment is very necessary to get due respect and recognition in the modern world. The basic objective of Nepal chapter is to increase economic cooperation between India and Nepal and to connect the Himalayan nation with a global network for its economic prosperity. HEF brings together financially successful elements within Hindu society so that each group can share their business knowledge, expertise and resources with their fellow brethren to trigger the creation of surplus wealth and make society prosperous. HEF is affiliated with WHEF. It has national chapters in various countries like Bharat, Germany, Kenya etc. and city chapters within those countries such as HEF-Mumbai, HEF-Washington DC etc.


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