Telangana will be India’s 29th State

The UPA Coordination Committee agreed for the division of the state of Andhra Pradesh. The Congress Working Committee pronounced in a common resolution that Telangana will be the new state.
Process to be followed for the formation of Telangana:
·        The Centre will send the CWC resolution to the State Assembly to seek its views after which it will go to the Union Cabinet.
·        Group of Ministers, to address all the issues of Telangana and Seemandhra i.e. the sharing of waters, revenue, land, power, assets and liabilities — will then be set up.
·        The Union Cabinet will then ask the Union Law Ministry to draft a bill that will be sent to the Andhra Pradesh Assembly.
·        The Union Home Ministry will make adequate provisions, incorporating the suggestions and then the government-approved draft bill will be sent to the President.
·        Parliament will then have to pass the bill in both the Houses by a simple majority.
·        Finally it will go back to the President for notification.
As per Article 371 (D) which provides special provisions for the State Andhra Pradesh, the Union Cabinet would examine whether it would remain relevant after the creation of Telangana.
The proposed Telangana structure:
·        The inclusion of two districts of Rayalaseema — Anantapur and Kurnool in Telangana has yet not been finalised. If over the next few months there are demands for their inclusion an appeal could be made to the GoM.
·        The new State will have 10 districts, while the remaining Andhra and Rayalaseema regions will together constitute Seemandhra.
·        Hyderabad would be the common capital for the two States for 10 years and by that time Seemandhra will have a new capital built with Central assistance.



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