Tax concessions to private employers of persons with disabilities: NAC

National Advisory Council, NAC has suggested providing tax benefits to private employers of persons with disabilities.
Some of the key recommendations by the NAC are:

  • Incorporating measures like extending subsidies and financial benefits for initiating small-scale income generation activities by household of persons with disabilities while drafting Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill (RPDB)
  • Law Ministry to review all statutes in order to bring an acknowledgement of full legal capacity for such persons.
  • Formation of stronger anti-discrimination provisions to remove obstacles in their productive employment, thus facilitating increased participation of the disabled in the workforce
  • During survey of poor households and Below Poverty Line and food insecure households, higher weightage should be given to the families with disabled members.
  • Establish a single National Disabilities Commission and State Disability Commission to replace various other institutions concerned with the rights of persons with disabilities



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