Tamu Lhochhar festival being observed in Nepal on 30th December

Tamu Lhochhar festival is being observed on 30th December with gaiety and full fervor in Nepal which marks new year among different communities.
It is the biggest cultural festival of the Mahayana sect of Buddhism and generally being observed by the Gurungs at different places in Nepal including in the Kathmandu Valley.
The people of Tamang, Sherpa, Gurung, Magar, Thakali, Jirel, Nesyangwa, Bhote, Dura and Lepcha communities and others celebrates this festival.
The Gurung community mark this festival as Tamu Lhochhar while the Tamangs and other communities celebrate it as Sonam Lhochhar on the first day of waxing moon in the Nepali month Magh. While Sherpas and Bhotes celebrate it as Gyalpo Lhochhar.
On this day, the junior members of the community and family receive blessings from seniors and greet each other wishing for good health, happiness and prosperity.
People of these communities who are living and working abroad also celebrate this festival with exchanging New Year greetings and joy.



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