Syllabi for Class X, XII Reduced by UP Govt.

The Uttar Pradesh Government has decided that the syllabus of the Classes X and XII will be reduced in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic in the whole world. The decision is expected to prove beneficial for the students enrolled in the UP Boards.

As per the decision, the syllabus will be reduced by around 30% by the UP Board for these two classes. The UP Board of Secondary Examination, which conducts the examinations for Classes X and XII, are going to implement this with immediate effect.


Going into the details of the decision taken by the government, the Deputy CM stated that the remaining 70% syllabus would be divided into three parts and cases would be conducted through online modes or through other modes of communication.

The first part of the syllabus will be taught online or through videos of teachers, according to the respective subjects or through Doordarshan. The second part will have self-study lessons and the last part will be based on the project work to be done by the students. The evaluation procedure should be based on a standard operating procedure being developed for evaluation, monitoring and teaching.

In this regard, the Central Board of Secondary Education had already reduced the syllabi for Classes IX to XII by around 30%. But it has also been clarified that it is a one-time measure and has been taken in the wake of the extra-ordinary situation arising out of the COVID 19 pandemic.




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