China launches Shiyan-6, Gaofen and APStar-6D satellites

On July 9, 2020, China launched APStar-6D communications satellite. In the last week, China has launched three satellites in 2 rockets. This includes the Gaofen remote sensing satellite, Xibaipo and Shiyan-6. The Shiyan-6 satellite will be used to study environment space. China has launched Xibaipo satellite to perform science experiments such as transmitting images and voice data

Gaofen and Xibaipo

The Gaofen and Xibaipo satellites were launched together. The Gaofen satellite will operate in sun-synchronous orbit. The Sun synchronous orbit is a nearly polar orbit around a planet where the satellite passes over a given point at the same local solar time.

The Gaofen satellite is to be used to explore natural resources, emergency management, rural areas development and agriculture. Gaofen is a part of High-resolution Earth Observation System national project.


The Shiyan-6 is an experimental remote sensing satellite that will study space environment and related technology. Similar description is used for Yaogan series satellites that are used for military reconnaissance. The satellite was launched in Long March 2F rockets that were used in human spaceflight programme.


The APStar-6D is a multi-beam high throughput broadband satellite based on Ku and Ka frequency bands. The satellite will form a space wide internet communication network covering the whole world providing the ability to match global communication needs to provide efficient, high-quality and low-cost satellite broadband communication services.

Future Plans

China is to launch Tianwen-1 Mars Mission by end of July 2020. Also, China is to launch Kuaizhou-11.


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