Super Earth discovered

The scientists from New Zealand have discovered the “Super Earth”. It potentially holds the conditions to sustain human life.


The super earth is one of the handful of planets discovered that are of the same size and orbiting distance as that of the earth. The host star of the planet is 10% the mass of the sun.

About the planet

The planet is larger than the earth and hence the name “Super Earth”. The planet could be cold according to the scientists as the star is much smaller than the sun. Due to this reason, water may not exist in its liquid state, but might occur as ice. As the planet is heavier in mass, it might take 617 days to revolve around its star.

The super earth, according to the scientist might possess “Goldilocks Zone” in the future

What are Goldilocks Zone?

Goldilocks Zone is the space around a star where temperature aptly sustains water in liquid state.  The space also supports life.

The planet is 111 light years away from the earth and hence not very possible for humans to reach the planet.




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