Ban on Smoking in Public places has led to 10 % fall in premature births and asthma attacks

Researchers led by Prof.  Jasper Been, from University of Edinburgh, have found that the Ban on smoking at public places has actually helped to cut premature births and asthma attacks by 10%. As per a previous study, laws banning smoking in public places viz. bars, restaurants, offices and other work places, have already been proven to protect adults from health threats associated with passive smoking.
This was the first comprehensive international to study the effects of the anti-smoking laws in different countries and states and its impact on children of the areas of study.
Objective of the Study:  The research would help in accelerating the introduction of anti-smoking legislation in nations where it is not introduced yet.
As per the Research:

  • Smoke-free laws led to a decline of premature births from the gestational age by 5%.
  • Number of children being admitted to hospital due to severe childhood asthma attacks has also dropped by 10 %.
  • Only 16% of the world’s population is covered by comprehensive smoke-free laws
  • 40% of children worldwide are regularly exposed to second-hand smoke.
  • Passive smoking can cause babies to be stillborn or born prematurely and is linked to birth defects, asthma and lung infections.



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