Sri Lanka initiates process to formulate new constitution

The process to formulate new constitution in Sri Lanka has begun to replace the current executive president headed constitution.
In this regard, a resolution to set up a Constitutional Assembly was presented in the Parliament by Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.
The present constitution adopted in 1978, has powerful nature of the Presidency which has become controversial in the past due to the growing authoritarian and personality cult tendencies in a single office.
Constitution making process

  • Incumbent members of parliament as its members will be members of the proposed Constitutional Assembly (CA).
  • A Constitution Bill will be formulated by the CA as per the Article 75 of the present Constitution.
  • In this regard, the CA will take into consideration deliberations, views and advice from the people across the country.
  • Incumbent Speaker of Parliament will be the Chairman of the CA and there will be seven Deputy Chairmen who shall be elected by the members of CA.
  • But the primary responsibility of drafting the new constitution will be of the steering committee having 17 members.
  • Once the draft Constitution Bill is approved the Parliament with a special majority followed by a referendum it will come into effect.



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