Spanish PM: No Independence for Catalonia

The Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez told the supporters on Sunday that there will be no referendum nor independence for Catalonia if the socialists returned to power.  Spain is facing election on April 28. The PM’s speech came after the socialist leaders in Catalonia said that 65% of the Catalonians want independence.

Twelve Catalan leaders are facing trials in Madrid over the independence referendum. The independence referendum was held on October 1 2017 despite the court ban. Declaration of independence followed the referendum and short lived. Many people argue that the leaders were imprisoned for political reasons.

The Referendum was passed by the Catalonian Parliament was declared unconstitutional by the Spanish court after a request from the Spanish government. There were Spanish civil guards employed to stop the referendum under Operation Anubis. The meeting to pass the referendum happened in Brussels in one of the rooms of the EU.


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