South, North Korea reach agreement to defuse crisis

South and North Korea have reached an agreement to defuse a crisis that had pushed the two rivals to the brink of armed conflict recently.
In this regard both nations have issued a joint statement which includes series of measures.
Key facts

  • North Korea has expressed regret and publicly apologised over mine blasts which had occurred earlier in August 2015 in demilitarized zone between both countries.
  • The mine had seriously injured two South Korean soldiers on border patrol.
  • In retaliation for the mine blasts, South Korea had resumed loudspeaker propaganda broadcasts into North Korea.
  • But in joint statement it has agreed to halt loudspeaker propaganda broadcasts into North Korea.
  • Both countries also agreed to work towards resumption of reunions for families separated by the 1950-53 Korean War in September 2015.
  • They also agreed to hold official talks in either capital city Seoul or Pyongyang at a date to be decided.



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