Shiveluch volcano spews ash to nearly 11 kms above sea level in Russia


In Russia, the Shiveluch volcano on Far Eastern Kamchatka Peninsula ejected an ash cloud to as high as almost 11 km above the sea level. There was no instant danger for the population, and no emissions of volcanic dust were supervised in neighbouring villages. This was the heftiest eruption of ash recorded this year at Shiveluch which has been active for more than 4weeks.

Shiveluch volcano: Shiveluch is the northernmost active volcano in Kamchatka Krai, Russia. It is sometimes called Sheveluch or Sopka Shiveluch. It is one of Kamchatka’s largest and most active volcanoes. Shiveluch is one of the biggest and most active of a line of volcanoes that follow the spine of the Kamchatka Peninsula in easternmost Russia. The volcanoes and peninsula are part of the tectonically active "Ring of Fire", a zone of active volcanoes and frequent earthquakes that nearly surrounds the Pacific Ocean.



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