Severe extinction threat to various Indian reptiles

As per an analysis of Zoological Society of London along with IUCN species survival commission:

  • 19% of turtles, lizards, snakes, crocodiles and other reptiles were facing severe threat of extinction.
  • One out of every five out of 10000 species of reptiles in the world, many of which are from India, is facing a threat of extinction.
  • Out of the endangered species are the King cobra, Indian crocodile (mugger), South Andaman krait and four kinds of turtles namely, Red-crowned Roofed Turtle, Bengal Roof Turtle, Jaggedshelled turtle and Hawksbill turtle. These species were identified to be extinct forever.
  • There is no information about conservation status of around one in every three reptiles in India.
  • 30% of the freshwater reptiles were almost close to extinction.
  • 50% freshwater turtles are close to extinction. These reptiles are affected by international and national trade.
  • 15% reptiles in Indo-malayan region were threatened.
  • Out of 1500 species samples in the study, 112 were from India.
  • Out of these 1500 species, 12.2% had threat of extinction.



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