September 30: International Translation Day

International Translation Day was observed on September 30, honouring the work of Language specialists who contributes significantly on developing the international understanding.

Key facts

  • The day is observed to mark the death of St. Jerome on September 30. He was a Bible translator, who is regarded as “patron saint of linguists”
  • It is observed with the aim of raising awareness regarding the translation industry and languages which play a significant role in the growth of society.
  • It also seeks to honour the efforts of language specialists.
  • According to United Nations, this day provides chance to honour the work of language specialists, who significantly contributes towards developing international understanding, improving communication & cooperation among countries.

Theme of the day

The International Translation Day 2021 was observed under the theme “United in translation.”


This day was started being observed in 1953. Since then, it is being organised by “International Federation of Translators (FIT)”.  First formal celebration of the day was observed in 1991. In mat 2017, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) enacted the Resolution 71/288 regarding the importance of language experts in linking countries and encouraging peace, understanding, & advancement. UNGA designated September 30 as International Translation Day with the resolution 71/288.

Who was St. Jerome?

St. Jerome was an Italian priest, living in north-eastern region of the country. He is most renowned for his efforts of translating New Testament from its Greek manuscripts into Latin. He died on September 30, near Bethlehem.




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