India-Australia 2+2 ministerial meeting in September

India and Australia are expected to hold their first minister-level 2+2 meeting in September 2021.

Key facts

  • This first ever meeting between Foreign and Defence Ministers will be held as a part of bilateral plan to upgrade Secretary-level 2 plus 2 interactions.
  • Foreign Minister Marise Payne and Defence Minister Peter is to visit India and Indonesia in September.
  • Prime Minister Scott Morrison is also expected to attend a Quad summit level meeting the line of U.N. General Assembly in September in New York.
  • This meeting was planned during a virtual meeting between Ms. Payne and S. Jaishankar amid covid-19 pandemic.
  • Besides the Quad initiative, Australia and India also have to deal with travel restrictions, placed because of covid-19 pandemic.
  • Defence Minister Peter Dutton is also expected to invite India to join next round of Talisman Sabre exercises in Queensland.

2021 Talisman Sabre exercise

Talisman Sabre exercise comprises of Australia, Japan, South Korea and U.S. Its 2021 edition was recently concluded in August. Its next edition is scheduled for 2023. It is the biggest war exercise of Australia.

What is 2+2 dialogue?

A ‘two plus two dialogue’ is a term adopted by foreign conferences. It is usually used to instal a dialogue mechanism between defence and external affairs ministries of two countries. It is an expression used to indicate that two appointed ministers from two country that is ministers of defence and external affairs, will meet to discuss the strategic and security interests of both the countries. Such dialogues seek to establish a diplomatic conversation between two countries.


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