September 17: World Patient Safety Day

The World Patient Safety Day was marked worldwide on September 17, 2021 in order to raise global awareness regarding the patient safety.

Key Points

  • The day also seeks to encourage individuals in order to demonstrate their commitment of making healthcare safer.
  • This day is observed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and its international partners.
  • This year’s observation has become more significant amid the ongoing covid-19 pandemic for which medical personnel & other COVID-19 warriors are working continuously to save lives and contain the infection.

Theme of the Day

The World Patient Safety Day 2021 was observed with the theme “Safe maternity and newborn care. On the occasion, WHO also encourages all stakeholders to “Act now for safe and respectful childbirth!”


The World Patient Safety Day was established in May 2019 by adopting the Resolution WHA72.6 by the 72nd World Health Assembly. Resolution WHA72.6 is on “Global action on patient safety”. World Patient Safety Day is the capstone of the successful Global Ministerial Summits on Patient Safety that started in 2016 in London.

Significance of the day

According to WHO Data, around 810 women die because of avoidable causes connected to pregnancy and delivery, every day. Furthermore, about 6700 infants die every day, which accounts for 47 percent of all fatalities among children aged under five. Data shows that, 2 million babies are stillborn each year, of which 40% are happening during labour. Thus, it becomes important to realise the magnitude of the harm caused by medical errors which can be avoided. Thus, the day become significant to raise awareness.

Aim of the day

The day is observed with the aim of minimising unnecessary risks and damage to all women and newborns during labour and delivery.




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