Scots stand United with the Kingdom

The Scots have given a clear mandate to stay with the United Kingdom along with England, Wales and Northern Ireland in a historic referendum. There were 55% votes which went in favour of the No-campaigners who said a ‘no’ to independence and only 44% votes which were in favour of the ‘yes’ campaign. The British PM David Cameron welcomed the decision of Scotland which came with a clear mandate. He also expressed his intentions and said that the moment calls for unprecedented campaign and changes in the way UK will have to be governed, keeping in mind the wishes of everybody.
He assured the pro-independence supporters that UK government had always stood for devolution in the past and will consider a newer and fairer settlement for Scotland. First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond in a televised statement accepted the defeat. US President Obama has also welcomed the outcome for US always wants UK to remain a strong and effective partner. NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen also greeted the news with relief and delight. Alistair Darling, the Labour lawmaker who led the ‘no-campaign hailed the decision and said that the message of the Scots comes clear that they have voted for unity over separation and positive change over needless partition. He reiterated the commitment by the Westminster parties of more powers to Scotland will be duly kept and honoured. The latter had come in the wake of the growing majority of votes in favour of Yes campaign during opinion polls. The Westminster parties agreed and offered more powers to the devolved government of Scotland since 1999. They promised more powers over taxes, social spending and welfare. The problem which is only half-solved is yet to surface when the process of devolution of powers will hit the tables of rebellious Parliament in a time-defined schedule.



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